Boomer Bitches™

What do you get when an American, a Canadian and a Mexican walk into a bar to meet an astrologer from South Africa?

Boomer Bitches™ Astro Happy Hour.

We’re the Boomer Bitches™ and we didn’t get this old without forming a lot of opinions about a lot of things.  Nothing is off topic. Or sacred.

Ditto our distinguished guests, from Hollywood to Bollywood, from the sciences to the  arts – they are opinionated.  And witty. Or they wouldn’t be at our party now, would they?

Boomer Bitches™ Astro Happy Hour will launch soon, coming to you from New York, Mexico City, Vancouver and Joburg. 

We hope you’ll join us for a drink and some astro insight on top of marvellous conversation. Boomer Issues. Life. Death. And all that stuff in between. Think of us as The View … but with tequila.

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