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Rosa Salazar Arenas is a Hispanic whirling dervish. She has written over 6,000 hours of television – not a typo, but also not her first rodeo.

She was an exceedingly successful radio show host, and then a renowned stage & screen actress in Mexico before putting her fingers to the keyboard. How many lives does this chica have? We hope at least one more!

Born into an entertainment family (think of her parents as the Hepburn-Tracy of Mexico), Rosa grew up in Mexico City and on movie sets around the country.

Her world did a 180 degree turn when she met her mentor, David Paul Kirkpatrick, while wandering aimlessly through the grounds of a castle in France, wondering WTF to do with her life. Seriously. Just like a movie.

Having raised two successful sons (one a chef, one our esteemed video producer), Rosa is embracing her own “third act” with a sharp tongue, a sharp mind, and a bottle of Mezcal. Salud!

Double Capricorn with Aquarius Rising

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Beverley Wood is a gambler, an entrepreneur, and a writer.

A former blackjack dealer, she’s played high stakes poker with outlaws and prime ministers. She’s flipped houses in Canada and Mexico. She’s sold popcorn to China. She’s lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and never shied away from trouble. 

Beverley managed operations at Canada’s weekly news magazine for 12 years and has published five books, including The Move to Mexico Bible. 

Her book, DogStar, is under option to an animation company in France.

She produced screenwriting seminars in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver for a decade, with Robert McKee and then Syd Field. 

Beverley won a pony at a baseball game in Toronto at the impressionable age 10 and  has been looking for that Coup de Ville in the bottom of the Cracker Jack Box ever since.

Double Scorpio with Sagittarius Sun

Meyers Briggs: INTJ


Astrolger Boomer Bitch

Linda Shaw was born in Wales in the UK. Her father believed that he would fossilise if he spent more than two years in a country – so she spent much of her young life living out of a suitcase. She went to 13 schools and two universities – completing her degree at Rhodes in Grahamstown, South Africa.

She studied Maths and English at Rhodes, intending to teach. Instead she became a journalist, writing for most South African publications at one time or another. One New Year she was sent to interview an astrologer in search of New Year predictions. She was so fascinated by what she heard that she asked 


how she could learn. Fortuitously, the astrologer was starting her beginner’s class that night.

Linda writes horoscopes for media, including the Sunday Times and Fair Lady Magazine. She also does readings, workshops, public speaking and has authored two books. She is a regular guest on both television and radio. She is also a reiki master and crystal healer. Linda lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Subscribe to her weekly astrology channel here: Linda Shaw Astrology 

Pisces Sun – Leo Moon – Aquarius Rising

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